When An Idea Becomes More

You’re doing something. It doesn’t matter what. You could be mowing the lawn, driving home from work or feeding your kids. But then it hits you. You get an idea. Not only an idea. Your million dollar idea. You find out that there’s just one thing you don’t know.

Now what?

I had the same question. I have had some ideas before in the past, but never any “big shots”. So how was this different? I can’t explain it, but I could just feel the story becoming in my mind.

So I did what any good wannabe-writer would do: I wrote it down. I have a document on Google Drive in which I write down all my ideas. I think there are thirty or more in there. But that’s something for another day.

After writing it down, you can do the same thing I did. Continue with whatever you were doing. But if it feels like your big idea, you might not get it out of your head that easily. And so at that point, there’s another thing you need to find out.

Really, now what?

One evening, I started a new Google document and copy pasted my (very) short description of the story in there. I looked at my screen and started expanding it. I didn’t do a complete plot yet. I stopped when I felt like stopping. But this had set things in motion.

I wasn’t conscious of it at first, but I kept churning over this idea in my head. To the point that I spent every evening of one week refining the plot that I had written. Until I had a full page. It looked great. This really was it.

So if I wanted to become a writer, what would be the next step? I’m not a writer. And I have no eduction about writer-related topics. All I’ve ever learnt about the topic was about technical tenders. That’s quite different. So one evening I figured it out.

This was it.

I installed Scrivener, a writing tool. I had once already, but found it too complex. I spent two evenings going through the tutorial. Then I started. I started for real.

I started creating character files and building my characters. I created chapter outlines so that everything I had written in my one Google document was in the chapters. Now there’s only one thing left to do: write.

Write, write and write. That’s the stage I’m in at the moment. I’m still partly in the idea-phase, because I still get ideas while writing. And that’s what makes me believe this really is a great idea I’m having. Because inspiration doesn’t dropit grows.

That’s all for today. Have fun writing!


One thought on “When An Idea Becomes More

  1. Good luck writing your book! Next time I see you I will be very interested in finding out what your story is about Koen 😉


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